Application Process

Applications are due by 9am on Thursday, September 20, 2018 for the Fall '18 Semester Interview Week.

The application period opens in early August.

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There are FOUR separate documents or forms that need to be submitted when applying to the Co-op Program

1. Online Application Form

The Online Application Form requires you to be logged in with your University of Minnesota x500 id (for example, log into your MyU page and then open the Online Application form link). If you get an error message, try opening up the link in an incognito or private window.

This form is for Co-op office use only. You can submit this at any time and follow up with the other documents before the deadline (see the Co-op Calendar on the Home page for the deadline).

2. Major-specific PDF Application Form

This is the application that the employers will view. Each application is specific to your major. An important part of the application is the essay about what you are looking for in a Co-op position. Many employers look at the essay first when deciding on who to interview. Make sure you spend time on writing and editing it, making use of the advice on the Co-op Essay Tips webpage.

After the application link is opened, click on the download button at the top of the screen. Open the download in Acrobat Reader to fill out the form.

Biomedical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Submission Instructions:

  1. Save your application using this title format: Your LastName_FirstName_SemesterYear_Application (example: Doe_John_Fa17_Application.pdf).
  2. After you have saved your application, save or print it to a PDF and send us that version.
    1. "Print to a PDF" should ""flatten" the information in the form so it isn't edittable anymore. But be sure to save the application for yourself in case you need to edit your application.
    2. Students with MACs will need to PRINT to a PDF because save to a pdf sends us a blank application form when opened by a Windows machine.
      1. More information here, and

Double-check These Items:

  • Are you using a current application? The applications are often revised. The latest version will always be on this page.
  • Is the application complete? There are 3 pages to it. Be sure to fill in everything.
  • Did you check the signature/permission box? We need your permission to share the application with employers.

3. Current Resume

Your resume will be included in the application package the employers will receive. This is an important document in making a good first impression on the potential employer. See the Resume Writing Tips page if you need assistance.

It is a good idea to print copies of your resume to bring to the Co-op Job Fair and to the interviews.

Submission Instructions

  • The resume should be current and must be submitted as a PDF.
  • Name your resume in the same way as you did the application (example: Doe_John_Fa17_Resume.pdf)

4. Current Unofficial Transcript

Employers will also be receiving your current unofficial transcript in the application materials. Because students often don't have a relevant work history, many employers use the transcript as a substitute.

If you have trouble requesting your unofficial transcript, make sure you have your popup blocker turned off. This has caused problems for students in the past.

  • Do NOT send an APASS report as it is too hard for employers to read.
  • Do NOT send an official transcript as your ID number cannot be redacted.

Submission Instructions

  • The transcript needs to be a current unofficial transcript in PDF format.
  • Name your transcript in the same way as you did the application (example: Doe_John_Fa17_Transcript.pdf)
  • Transcript Redaction: On your unofficial transcript, it would helps us out greatly if you could blacken out your ID number and birth date, if your software allows, so we can comply with FERPA. If you can't, we'll do it in the office; but if you can, that saves us time in assembling the applications for the employers.

Transfer Student Transcripts

Transfer students should also send their previous college transcripts as separate PDF files, named in similar fashion as the rest of the files, (example: Doe_John_Fa17_TranscriptAnokaRamsey.pdf). Please redact (black out) any information you don't want potential employers to view. The Co-op office will not be redacting information on transcripts from transfer schools, only on the University of Minnesota transcripts.

Remember, transfer students need to have completed one UMN semester before they can apply to the Co-op Program. See the Eligibility page for more information.


Except for the online form, the other 3 documents (application, resume, and transcript) must be emailed as PDF files to the Co-op office, by the due date (see the calendar on this website's Home page).

  • Make sure all of your documents are PDFs. We will not convert documents in other formats to PDFs due to the volume of applications received.
  • Make sure they are all named in the format of your LastName_FirstName_SemesterYear_Document
  • Do NOT zip your files when you send them. They need to be separate PDF files, but they should all be sent in the same email.

You will be notified by email within a week of submission whether or not you have been accepted into the Co-op Program. Once you are accepted into the Co-op Program, your application materials will be made available for current employers to view.

Reapplying to the Co-op Program

Students may apply and interview no more than three semesters, submitting new application materials each time. Make sure the current application form is being used, the resume and transcript are current, and the essay has been rewritten. Students who have not been placed with an employer after three interview periods should focus on completing their degree and will not be allowed to interview for a fourth time.

Students who have been placed with a Co-op employer and have taken the Co-op courses may not go through the program a second time.