Co-op Job Fair

Every spring and fall semester, the Co-op Program hosts a Job Fair (the dates are on the Co-op Calendar). Employers participating in that semester’s interview week are invited to attend the Job Fair to meet current and prospective Co-op students.

Spring 2018 Employers

This list is continually being updated as employers register. Employers in italics will not be attending the Job Fair but will be attending Interview Week.

ACIST Medical
AKF Group
Ecowater Systems
Emerson Tescom
Heraeus Medical Components
Milestone AV Technologies
MTS Systems
PaR Systems
Parker Hannifin
Power Engineering & Mfg
Suez Water Technologies and Solutions
Thiele Technologies
Third Wave Systems


Advantage Point Group, Inc

Student Information

Who Should Attend?

Students accepted in the Co-op Program. Employers often create their initial interview list based on students they meet at the Job Fair.

Prospective Co-op students who are not sure if the program is for them. Don't forget that the deadline for applying to the Co-op Program is the day after the Job Fair!

Freshmen and sophomores not yet in their major. This will help you figure out how to fit the Co-op Program into your academic plan.

Why should I attend the Job Fair?

This is an opportunity to put a face to your resume and emphasize your strengths and explain your weaknesses. Some students say their formal interviews are easier because they've already met the employer representative at the Job Fair and have established a rapport with the potential interviewer.

If you know you are going to miss the spring break interview week, be sure to attend to increase your chances of being called in for an interview.

Oh, and there will be free pizza!

How should I prepare for the Job Fair?

Review the Co-op Job Fair Preparation Handout based on the CSE Career Center's Career Fair Preparation Guide.

View or download the Guidebook App (see the link in the sidebar) to learn more about the employers and their positions.

Bring multiple copies of your resume (see the Resume Writing Section for help on writing resumes) to distribute to company representatives.

Dress professionally in business casual attire.

Employer Information


Registration for the Job Fair is located on the Interview Week Registration Form. You must have a signed Employer Agreement on file to have a table at the Co-op Job Fair. Most employers who participate in the Job Fair also participate in that semester's Interview Week.


There is no charge for employers to have a table at the Job Fair. We will provide you with parking vouchers when you arrive and a complimentary pizza lunch will be served.


The Job Fair is held in the central court of the School of Architecture, Rapson Hall. As shown on the map in the sidebar, there is parking across the street in the Church Street Garage. SPRING 2018 UPDATE - the parking in the Church Street Garage may be limited because of the post-Super Bowl activity. Other parking can be found at the Washington Avenue Ramp (southeast of Rapson Hall) and at the 4th Street Ramp (northeast of Rapson Hall).

Note that the Co-op Job Fair is not the same as the College of Science and Engineering's Career Fair. For your convenience we try to schedule our Job Fair to be the day before or after CSE's Career Fair.

LOCATION OF THE CO-OP JOB FAIR: Architecture Courtyard in Rapson Hall

Rapson Hall Map